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A Year in Cosplay: 2011 by Hoshinoarashi A Year in Cosplay: 2011 by Hoshinoarashi
The number of cosplays that I did is steadily decreasing as a result of school. I still tried to squeeze in a couple that I have wanted to do though. Once in a while, friends still bumped me to do something (and it's usually Rin… hahaha), so I also tried my best! Many thanks to all photographers and cosplayers alike whom I have worked with and kindly put up with my highly irregular schedule. And thank you all who have invited me to join them at shoots/events even though they knew I was really busy with school… it's really nice to have a chance to take a break sometimes. :)

In chronological order, featuring photos by *ValeforHo, *shiroang, =vgwong, ~don777-ax, and Data Ronin.

Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid2, Secret Police 秘密警察)
Many thanks to *sakana for inviting me to the team. We did a little shoot at the cargo loading area behind the event hall, but all of us melted because it was so hot and we were decked out in jackets and trenchcoats. :XD:

Elize (Sound Horizon, Marchen)
I have many nightmares fond memories of this costume, and it is one that I have surprisingly worn quite a few times, for events and shoots. The shoot was quite an experience in itself. I had to trek through tall grasses and trees in a huge can-can, heavy dress and high heels. TWICE. I thought I was going to die lol! Thank you ~kanaunara for inviting me to your wonderful team, it was one where I got to work with many cosplayers and photographers for the first time. And a special mention to ~Dan-theFarmer, for being the pretty Elizabeth and going through the endless wig struggling together with me hahaha...

Hirasawa Yui (K-on!, Bunny Yui)
Project YUI #4. I saw this as a wallpaper (link here) and had some spare left-over fabric so I thought it would be a fun little side project to shoot with =vgwong.

Melty de Granite (Shining Hearts)
Shirley SLS bumped me to join her in her team for AFA 2011, and I ended up being Melty because I thought she is so cute. She loves ice cream too!! :la: Sorbet was especially fun to make, and came in handy at events because he has a pocket in his tummy to hold my things hehehe...

Hirasawa Yui (K-on!, No, Thank You!)
Project YUI #5. The costume itself was easy to construct and put together, but I had to manually paint the shoes myself because I did not want to buy orange sneakers. :bucktooth: The shoot was relaxed and fun; we had an outdoor shoot early in the morning before all the shops opened, but the rain came so we had to wrap up earlier.

Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid2, Project DIVA 2nd)
Len Len (~yuanie) bumped me to do this with her for Comic Fiesta... I thought this costume was really nice to wear. It was comfortable and easy to move around in, especially since we did this for an event. And as it was nearing Christmas then, the hotel where we stayed in also had a huge Christmas tree, so we also did a little Christmas themed shoot after the event. :rudolph:
LekawaiiBean Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Student General Artist
Wow you cosplayed Yui Hirasawa! Im so jelouse!
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very cool
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Nice. :D
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